Australian Registered Designs

Minimum filing requirements for overseas clients

  • No forms are required to be signed before filing in Australia.
  • Full name and address of the applicant.
  • One set of representations of the design (preferably drawings but photographs will suffice).
  • Name of the article for which design registration is required.


We recommend the following be provided at filing

  • Full name, address and nationality of each designer of the design.
  • Explanation of how the applicant obtained right to the design from the designer (if the applicant is not the designer).
  • Five sets of representations of the design. These may be drawings or photographs, and should illustrate all features of the article for which design protection is required. The representations should preferably include at least one perspective view.
  • Particulars of any basic application (if Convention priority is to be claimed).
  • Statement of newness and distinctiveness (i.e. a statement identifying particular visual features of the design or part of the design as new or distinctive e.g. the shape or configuration of the upper part of the design).
  • A certified copy of any basic application (if Convention priority is claimed) and a verified English translation (if applicable) will only be required if examination is requested following registration.


Australian Design Registration