Australian Patents

Australian Patent Filing Requirements

A. Commencing the national phase of an international application

  • Minimum filing requirements for urgent filing
  • No forms are required to be signed before filing in Australia.
  • PCT application number or WO publication number
  • Verified English translation of the PCT specification, if in another language


Additional requirements (can be provided following filing)

  • Date of establishment of IPER (if any)
  • Date of amendments made under Article 19 (if any)
  • Copies of the Request, PCT specification, ISR, IPER and Article 19 or 34 amendments (for our file)
  • Explanation of how the applicant obtained entitlement to the invention (e.g. by assignment or contract of employment).


  • If the PCT application claims priority form an earlier application, confirmation that the PCT applicant was the applicant of the earlier application and if not, an explanation of how the PCT applicant derived the right to claim priority from the earlier application.
  • For reliance on deposits made under the provisions of the Budapest Treaty: Copies of filing receipts and verified translations thereof if not in English. Explanation of how the applicant obtained entitlement to rely on the deposits if the applicant is not the depositor.



Australian Standard Patent Registration