Cullens provide a range of commercially focused services to meet all your intellectual iStock_000016275706property needs, regardless of whether your business operates in the physical marketplace or online.

In today’s world, market advantage can be achieved through ongoing product and process innovation, novel design and memorable brand names. Each can be a valuable asset of a business, offering differentiation to your competitors and providing a substantial commercial edge within a competitive environment.

“To establish and maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors you need to identify and protect your business’ valuable intellectual property assets”.

We can help you achieve this with our expertise and wide range of professional services.

Patent services

  • Patentability advice
  • Preparing patent specifications
  • Filing and prosecuting applications
  • Maintaining patent applications and patents
  • Oppositions and dispute resolution
  • Novelty and infringement searches
  • Infringement and validity advice

Trade mark services

  • Trade mark registration advice
  • Filing and prosecuting applications
  • Renewing registered trade marks
  • Oppositions and dispute resolution
  • Clearance and registrability searches
  • Customs watch notices

Domain name services

  • Domain name registration advice
  • Renewing registered domain names
  • Clearance and registrability searches

Business name services

  • Business name registration advice
  • Renewing registered business names
  • Clearance and registrability searches

Design Services

  • Design registration advice
  • Filing and prosecuting applications
  • Renewing registered designs
  • Oppositions and dispute resolution
  • Novelty and infringement searches
  • Infringement and validity advice

Copyright Services

  • Industrial copyright advice
  • Copyright registration abroad

Renewals and Maintenance

  • Payment of maintenance and renewal fees in Australia, New Zealand and around the world 
  • Reminder service (starting three months before due date)
  • Automatic renewals (on request)
  • Specific portfolio management as requested

Other Services

Our combined expertise means that we are able to offer our clients a wide range of professional services ranging from clearance/freedom to operate searches, novelty and registrability searches, IP registration, IP enforcement and dispute resolution, as well as IP audits, commercial agreements and commercialisation.

Other services we provide include:

  • Audits of intellectual property
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Assignment of intellectual property
  • Commercial agreement advice
  • Competitor surveillance services
  • Plant breeder’s rights
  • Circuit layout rights
  • Registration of trade secrets
  • IP Training (Cert IV TAE)
  • IP Valuation


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