Think punctuation doesn’t matter?

How a grammatical error in an agreement cost one company $US5 million and the lesson to be learnt If you think the language used in your patent is not important, think again! A company in Maine, Oakhurst Dairy, settled an overtime dispute with its drivers that hinged entirely on the lack of a single comma…
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Patent troll solution: swallow the spider to catch the fly

Patent trolls are a largely US phenomenon whereby patent squatters, often also termed non-practicing entities, demand patent royalties from unsuspecting companies or face the prospect of being sued for patent infringement. The royalties are typically far less than the cost of litigation, but accumulate when paid by many different parties to make it big business.…
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Three IP firms to combine under Spruson & Ferguson brand

Australian IP firms Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans, Cullens and Asia-Pacific IP firm Spruson & Ferguson have today announced they will combine to form one firm, operating under the Spruson & Ferguson brand from April 2018. Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans, Cullens and Spruson & Ferguson are members of the IPH Limited group – a leading IP…
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