Founded in Queensland in 1936, Cullens was the first patent firm in Brisbane. Today, we are  one of Australia’s most experienced firms of patent and trade mark attorneys.

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George Cullen was registered as a patent attorney on 24 April 1922. He filed his first patent application for a client in Brisbane on 24 March 1924 for an engineer from Eagle Street in Brisbane.

The firm was a family practice with George Russell Cullen as the attorney and Gwen Cullen, one of George’s two daughters, working on the administrative side and witnessing the patent applications. George’s second daughter, Mavis Cullen, was tragically killed in a tram accident in Brisbane and George passed away soon thereafter at the age of 58 in 1948. Gwen Cullen passed away in 1989.

In 1957 Joseph Stephenson, a patent examiner and registered patent attorney from Canberra, then joined GR Cullen & Co. and became a partner together with Mark Callinan. In 1961, Mark Callinan was bought out by Robert R Michel. Michel was a patent examiner and qualified patent attorney from Melbourne.

Through the years from 1961, the firm grew from a partnership of two, to a firm having almost 20 attorneys. In the 1990’s, the ‘GR’ was dropped from the name of the firm. More recently, the firm was renamed ‘Cullens’.