Areas of Expertise

Mineral Science & Mining Technologies

Patent attorneys in Cullens’ Mineral Science & Mining Technologies team have strong technical backgrounds in metallurgy, minerals processing and chemical engineering.  They have practical experience in a number of aspects of the mining industry, as well as significant experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a range of mining and minerals technologies, including mining methods, heavy equipment, minerals processing, extractive metallurgy, water treatment, oil and gas processing and tailings treatment and disposal.

Our attorneys (some of whom have spent time at the Australian Patent Office working as Patent Examiners) can provide advice regarding the best manner of obtaining patent protection (including conducting novelty searches) for an invention prior to filing a patent application, as well as advice regarding the validity of existing patents and patent applications to ensure that you receive commercially relevant advice.

In addition, our attorneys can provide infringement advice, both in terms of whether your product will infringe an existing patent, or whether your patent is infringed by a competitor’s product.

Any attorney can give you advice, but at Cullens we advise on the best solution for your desired commercial outcome.