Areas of Expertise

Medical Technologies & Devices

iStock_000010772811_1Cullens understands that medical technologies and devices span a range of different technology areas.  Consequently, the Cullens Medical Technologies and Devices team consists of attorneys with particular experience in a range of relevant technology areas enabling us to cater for the extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge requirements of the medical technologies and devices industry.

The technology backgrounds of our attorneys, including electronics, engineering, biotechnology, chemistry and, of course, medical devices, allows us to bring experience tailored to our clients’ technology to each case we handle.
Areas in which our attorneys have particular experience include:

  • Biomedical engineering;
  • Catheters and syringes;
  • Diagnostic devices and methods;
  • Heart pumps and ventilators;
  • Implantable devices and sensors;
  • Nanotechnology based devices;
  • Orthopaedic devices and methods;
  • Robotic systems; and
  • Surgical instruments