Areas of Expertise

We have created specialist practice groups in order for our clients to best utilise the abilities and expertise of our staff.  These practice groups bring together partners, attorneys, professional and support staff with skills and experience in specific fields of technology or law.

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Life Sciences

Biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry (small molecule pharmaceuticals through to peptides, proteins and nucleic acids), immunology, microbiology and bioinformatics.

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Applied Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals

Cullens Applied Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals team provide advice on a wide range of disciplines from organic chemistry, encompassing small molecule pharmaceuticals, through to peptide, protein and nucleic acid chemistry.

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Medical Technologies & Devices

Biomedical engineering, catheters and syringes, diagnostic devices, heart pumps and ventilators, implantable devices and sensors, nanotechnology based devices, orthopaedic devices, robotic systems and surgical instruments.

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Mechanical & Packaging Technologies

The attorneys in the Mechanical & Packaging Technologies team have a wide variety of backgrounds, including mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering.

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Electrical, Computer Software & IT

The Electrical, Computer, Software & IT team at Cullens works with leading companies, research institutions and innovators in some of the world’s most rapidly expanding and high-tech areas of technology.

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Mineral Science & Mining Technologies

Patent attorneys in Cullens’ Mineral Science & Mining Technologies team have strong technical backgrounds in metallurgy, minerals processing and chemical engineering.

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Trade Marks

Your branding, logo and packaging are valuable business assets that should be protected. Follow the practice adopted by the world’s most successful businesses and brand owners and register your trade mark.

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