About Us

Since 1936 our clients, both Australian and from overseas, have trusted us to advise and guide them in all aspects of protecting their intellectual property, to manage risk, and to help them secure a market advantage through their intellectual property.

Today, Cullens represents a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from large multinational corporations, universities and government departments to start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Our patent attorneys are registered to practise in both Australia and New Zealand, and our firm practises directly in both countries. Although Cullens is a Queensland-based firm, having offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Townsville, Cullens acts for clients located across Australia, and even throughout the world.

In the most recent review by the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, Cullens is proud to have been ranked at no. 3 in the number of Australian patent applications filed for Australian clients.  This ranking reflects the abilities of the patent attorneys at Cullens and the trust that clients have in Cullens to represent them.
Cullens is headed by 6 experienced attorneys who each maintain an active professional practice, thus ensuring that the firm is guided by a leadership which keeps abreast of changes in legislation and practice.

Working alongside the principals are a team of highly experienced attorneys and support staff.

Patent Attorneys

Patent and trademark attorneys are different to solicitors.  A patent attorney in Australia is required to have a technical degree (normally in science or engineering) that most solicitors don’t have.  Also, a patent attorney is trained in IP whereas many solicitors know of IP, but do not deal with it every day as an attorney does.

Under the Australian Patents Act, only registered Patent Attorneys are permitted to prepare and amend patent applications on behalf of clients. For a particular invention, it is desirable to choose a patent attorney who is familiar with the technology involved.

All professional work at Cullens is performed by or under the supervision of registered attorneys who have the appropriate knowledge, skills and qualifications for that work.

We are bound by the Code of Conduct for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys, a copy of which is available from the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys.

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