Have you protected your innovative product or process? In addition to deterring competitors, a patent (or patent pending) can be an effective marketing tool, attract investors, and make your business eligible for Government grants.


Trade Marks

About to launch a commercially valuable branded product or service? Most businesses recognise the importance of branding yet often fail to (i) consider the trade mark rights of others and (ii) protecting their brand.




Need low-cost protection for your product? Registering the design of your product can provide powerful protection against copying, especially in cases where copyright protection is unavailable.



More Services

Regardless of whether your business operates in the physical marketplace or online, we provide a wide range of commercially focused services to meet all your intellectual property needs.



Our attorneys practise directly in Australia and New Zealand, and can represent their clients throughout the world. We have expertise in a wide range of technology areas: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil and Mining, Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Electronics, Biology and Agriculture.


Cullens advises on all aspects of intellectual property law, and works with inventors, SMEs, large businesses, universities, investors as well as business advisors and consultants, such as lawyers and accountants.




Our Ideas into Assets Blog will keep you up to date with IP developments in your industry - locally and around the world.