How inaccurate is Google Patents?

Some of you may have heard of Greg Aharonian who operates a subscription news service related to IP. He is a self styled “Judicial Counter-Errorism Expert” who often expresses a strong view that too many patents get granted because inadequate searches are performed by one or more Patent Offices. This morning I received my PATNEWS…
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Data mining IP databases as part of your due diligence

Intellectual property (IP) databases let you see what your competition is up to, whether it be branding via trade mark application databases or technology via patent databases. Online searchable databases include individual patent office websites (such as or or amalgamator websites (such as or which combine different country IP databases. IP…
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Contributory Infringement: what is it and are you and your invention at risk?

It is a patent owner’s responsibility to enforce their patent rights. This includes detecting any infringement of their patent and taking appropriate action against infringers. Most patent owners are aware of direct infringement in which another party makes, sells, uses, or otherwise exploits a patented product or process. In many cases, this type of infringement…
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